New HTML Website Goes Live



Regular visitors to will have noticed that the previous English language version of the HTML website has been replaced with a radical new look. As well as the obvious graphical changes, the new layout offers quick and easy access to our machine range plus enhanced machine specification sheets.


Requesting a member of our sales team to contact you regarding any machine could not be easier. On the overview page for each machine is a quick link to an enquiry form that customises itself according to which piece of equipment is of interest. A handy option of this is that once contact details have been entered on the form they can be saved onto the users' computer. Following this, if other forms anywhere on the site are accessed, the contact details will automatically enter themselves, eliminating the need to type them in again.


For existing customers who require information on replacement parts, our new portal on the parts page takes you step-by-step towards obtaining information and services for any given machine. Selectable options that automatically reconfigure the enquiry form to target the specific machine model and your needs, ensures that you get the relevant information to us fast. 


We hope you enjoy browsing through our new site and if you would like to view the information here via a rich, multimedia experience, visit our Flash site from the main page.

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