Butcher Boy was created in 1927 by William Lasar II, at the time a young German engineer emigrant, who designed and built a meat saw for his brother  Rudolf's  butcher shop in Goleta, California, USA.  It never occurred to him that his invention would serve anyone else than his brother. However, a salesman from a butcher supplies company, who made regular sales calls to Rudolf's shop thought differently.


He had never seen or even heard of a meat saw before and asked what it was. The young engineer proudly described his invention and the salesman was very impressed. He said he would  return with his sales manager to see if they could perhaps sell some machines.


When the salesman and his manager returned a few days  later, they asked to speak to the young butcher's  boy who designed the meat saw.  William (Bill) then met with them and described the purpose of the machine.


In 1927, this was considered a new high tech product and the salesmen were very excited when they made a marketing arrangement to begin selling the meat saws, but,  the new product needed a name...


When the salesmen went into the butcher shop looking for Bill, they asked the other butchers if they could speak to the butcher boy (a name used at the time to describe a butcher's helper). Since the new saw was a butcher's helper and Bill was working at Rudolf's shop as a butcher's helper, they all decided to name the product  BUTCHER BOY, to represent William Lasar II, the inventor of the new meat saw.


From this humble beginning, Bill eventually moved to Los Angeles, California to start  Lasar Machine Works, in 1929, which eventually evolved into Lasar Manufacturing Company, Inc.


Over the next 55 years, Bill Lasar designed and created hundreds of machines and thousands of parts with his own hands. He received many United States Patents and contributed greatly to the Meat Processing Industry for his developments with meat saws, meat grinders, automatic meat grinders, mixer-grinders, meat flakers and countless other machines.


In 1980, Bill and his son, William Lasar III, who had worked along side his father for many years, established Butcher Boy Limited in Scotland. This family relationship was very instrumental to the growth of our company over the past twenty years.


Today, Butcher Boy Limited is the world centre for BUTCHER BOY. From our 60,000 sq. ft. factory in Scotland, we design, manufacture and market  BUTCHER BOY  machines, processing systems and replacement parts to most countries of the world through established distributors and factory sales/service offices.


All of us at Butcher Boy Limited are very proud of our company's heritage and continually strive to maintain the quality, durability and integrity of  BUTCHER BOY products which began 75 years ago by a very creative young engineer.